Lasting Results from Diane's Apartment Coaching

I'm writing this almost two years after working with Diane. After living in the same apartment for over a decade I realized I needed to dramatically improve my space but had no idea what to do or how. Diane's apartment coaching ended up being exactly what I needed. Diane worked with me to help me understand what I wanted my apartment to be and brought tons of ideas, advice and referrals to bear. Most importantly, she was able to explain suggestions in ways that made sense to me, giving me the confidence to evolve things further on my own later. Now that I’ve implemented the improvements we discussed, I’m happier coming home after a long day and I’m more comfortable than ever hosting parties and guests (who’ve had nothing but rave reviews for the improvements). Diane’s apartment coaching helped me make my apartment what it could've and should’ve been years ago.

Mark S, East Village

Best Alumni Event in 10 Years - Crash Course for Your Crash Pad

We had the pleasure of hosting Diane for a Stanford Young Alumni event where Diane shared actionable insights on culture-driven design and how to maximize the most of our small apartment spaces. Diane made everyone feel at home while outside the confines of their home - a remarkably special talent. One attendee shared that this was the best alumni event he had attended in 10 years, a sentiment largely driven by the warm and safe space Diane cultivated. Diane made each attendee feel validated in the intimate questions they asked. She made her repertoire of home and workplace design knowledge accessible and the idea of an enjoyable living/working environment easily within reach. She went above and beyond, staying more than an hour after the event officially ended to answer questions and provide one-on-one consultations. As if sharing her wisdom wasn't enough, she also provided charming takeaway goodie bags from The Container Store. We'd love the opportunity to collaborate with Diane again in the near future. Thank you for everything!

- Stanford Young Alumni, New York City Chapter

I Feel Like I Just Moved into a Beautiful New Apartment

If you're looking for expert advice about how to maximize your space while at the same time assuring it'll look beautiful, you need to meet with Diane Lowy. With an arts background, she has a keen eye and can help transform your space into something beautiful no matter what your budget. Diane is a walking knowledge base of tips and tricks and introduced me to multiple resources to source the things that I needed. She loves what she does, and is sensitive to the stress involved when making lots of tiny decisions about what to do with the stuff that you don't need. Thanks to Diane, I feel like I just moved into a beautiful new apartment, but saved on moving fees, first / last deposit and increased rent!

- Bill S., Astoria

Diane has been a Godsend

When my sister had a serious accident, she moved to Florida so we could provide care. Our real estate broker recommended New York at Home to help us with the apartment but we didn't know what to expect. Diane has been a Godsend! Even the most overwhelming tasks- finding important documents and her most treasured possessions, mailing everything to us, cleaning and staging the apartment, and preparing it for the new owner- were as simple as sending a quick email.  I highly recommend New York at Home to anyone needing this type of service. 

- Elba A., Tampa FL

New York at Home is a Relationship Saver

Diane is a relationship saver. She turned our little apartment around to a whole new experience. She is both creative and really skilled in this domain. She cared about me and my goals to make sure I'm completely satisfied. Highly recommend to anyone who would like to invest in their home but also life and relationships, the side effects of a nice home are endless :)

- Bita Y., West Village

We Called It "The Junk Hallway"

We used to call this space “the junk hallway”. It was a disaster hidden by a curtain and we could never figure out how to keep it neat and tidy. Thank you for breezing into town and transforming this dumping ground into a super organized and functional space! I can’t stop admiring your work. I keep making other small adjustments, putting things I use most frequently in the most accessible spots-- one of the many things I learned from working with you. I’m still in awe of your magical powers!

- Jason O., Kerhonkson NY

NYAH saved us thousands by helping to make the right decisions

When we relocated from a new-construction home in Portland, OR to a 50-year-old house in Baltimore, MD we knew we needed to do a lot with the house to make it safe for our young family while also making it feel like home. New York at Home showed us how to identify our priorities, budget, timeline, as well as what to expect (and not expect) from our contractors. We're not sure what was more valuable: the headaches we avoided or the thousands of dollars we have saved so far. 
From designing and installing a new fence, a complete roof replacement, a complete basement renovation, new windows, and painting interior and exterior, New York at Home helped answer all of our questions. This is our first home renovation and I know New York at Home has saved us thousands by helping to make the right decisions! 
We highly recommend working with New York at Home to create your home renovation roadmap.

- Cat W., Baltimore MD

Our New Place Feels Like Home

We recently moved to a smaller apartment. Diane was able to help facilitate unpacking by organizing and adding fixtures that made sense for us. She even hung our artwork, which really made our new place feel like home.

- Richard, Hoboken NJ

Our Apartment was Completely Transformed in a Few Hours

My girlfriend and I just moved into our new apartment last week. The place was chock full of unopened boxes and unorganized furniture. The living room area was especially frustrating. Then, we got in contact with Diane. She came by on Friday and after a few hours, our apartment was completely transformed. We went from a living room that had an assortment of mismatching furniture in random areas to a living room that we would be proud to show to our friends and family. Our apartment (especially the living room!) flows wonderfully and is super inviting. I’m extremely happy with the look of our apartment now. There is no doubt that when we move again, the first person we’ll think to call is Diane.

David D., Stamford CT

Super Handy and Thorough

Diane is amazing! Super handy and thorough. I had no idea how to install a sliding door screen. She ordered the screen and installed it seamlessly. I had referred her to a friend and also rave reviews. Trustworthy and friendly. Happy to have met her and continue to use and refer her services.

- Alicia S., Upper East Side

What a Teacher!

My place is the same since you were here in April.  No new things added; a bit of new clothing, but nothing else. My cleaner has a much easier time getting around to clean what needs to be cleaned. 

I wanted to tell you about a trip I took last week. The friend I stayed with has this wonderful house and also a bit of a hoarding problem.  We had talked and talked about what a fantastic job you did and I said to her, hey while I'm out let's tackle your place!  And so we did, although not as much as we wanted.

I said to her:  "Put on your throw it away mind."  And she did.  So we just started with stuff (and more stuff) on the floor.  And "lo and behold" what a hoot.  Bags and bags for donating to this local group for the homeless.  Bags and bags and more bags and bags of garbage. But you would have been sooooo proud. I did what you did; made piles and said throw or keep with the emphasis on throw.  And throw (or donate) it was.  She was excited. 

What a teacher you are!

- Judi G., Washington DC   

A Profound and Necessary Shift

I was out of town for the early part of January and by the end of my trip, had sort of forgotten about all the work I did in the apartment in December before leaving. I can only begin to describe the wave of relief that came over my body when I opened the door and was confronted by the new and improved space, and how important this change has been for us. It's not exactly beautiful yet, but it is comfortable and feels like our home, finally. I'm so glad you and I found that perfect little window to work together at the end of last year…Having a place to relax and connect that feels like us represents such a profound and necessary shift that wouldn't have happened without you. Thanks for your guidance. 

- Leena S., Murray Hill

I Literally Do Not Remember What My Apartment was Like Before

Helping make beautiful spaces happen has been a big part of my job the past few years. Sometimes we are rubbish at doing for ourselves the things we are the best at doing for others.

I recently got my dream job. Part of what makes it a dream is that I get to work from home until I realized that everytime this happens in my one-bedroom apartment, I find myself WFC (working from couch).  

Could New York at Home be the solution to my problem? I’ve known Diane for a few years so we met up for coffee. I mentioned needing help creating my home office so that I could do my best work there.  

We scheduled a brainstorming session and she sent me a proposed layout plus well-curated furniture a few days later. And they all looked like “me”.  She had pegged down my style better than I ever could have.  The craziest thing happened.  I ORDERED A BUNCH OF FURNITURE.  Something about this process made me finally trust that I really do know what I like because my style is so clear to someone else.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I’m working from home at a desk that I love.  Day in and day out.  And I literally do not remember what my apartment was like before this whole experience. 

Diane managed to give me the space, tools and inspiration to create a space in which I can do my best work, move to the couch to relax and even though it’s all in the same room, I feel different in each micro-space.  She gave me language to describe my style and how I feel about my space.  

There are few things as lovely as having your home reflect you, the most authentic you there is.  And it was this process and Diane’s guidance that gave me that.

- Molly S., Upper West Side

Best Decision!

Diane is very professional, courteous, and personable. I hired her to help organize my closets to serve multiple purposes. She offered great suggestions right away and helped me strategically plan the spaces for the future. She even helped me do a quick re-organization of my bedroom closet and desk during our first meeting. Ten minutes later it was a much more serene and functional bedroom and showed me the potential of how my space could work better for me. I am looking forward to working with Diane as I continue to improve the space. So glad I hired her!

- Farah P., Chelsea

Diane saw potential in my apartment and helped me see it too

I didn't know a little studio could feel like home until Diane helped me transform my apartment into a comfortable and functional living space.

I became acquainted with Diane through a mutual friend and when I learned of her work, I had been living in my apartment for four months. I had furniture, but I wasn't using it to its full potential and my walls were bare.

I had initial concerns about someone helping me arrange my personal space, but those fears were quickly put at ease; Diane has an unassuming and nonjudgmental nature. When Diane arrived, before beginning arranging, hanging frames, and decorating, she wanted to understand what was important to me and how I used the space I had. 

Bearing in mind that I use my apartment as a study space and enjoy cooking, Diane used her sense of space and design to arrange my apartment in a way that maximized those functions. After decorating, she made recommendations within my budget to create efficient storage space using the furniture I already had.

Diane saw potential in my apartment and helped me see it too, and I continue to enjoy the benefits. A picture that brings a smile to my face now greets me as I walk into my apartment. I can access kitchen appliances that were tucked away in storage.  My dried goods are organized in a way that I can easily find them.  I couldn’t be more pleased with Diane’s work on my apartment, and I will certainly use her services again when I move into my next apartment. 

- Tracy G., Upper East Side

Everything Falls Into Shape

Diane is awesome at sizing up a room and figuring out where furniture will go, which is the hardest part in getting an apartment into shape. She thinks it through, weighing the options until the vision becomes clear. Then everything falls into shape. 

She's very good at having you make hard choices about what should stay and go. Plus, she's a pleasure to work with!

-Meena G., FiDi

A Transformative Experience

I was in the midst of several big projects and completely daunted by needing to review and downsize 30+ years' worth of possessions to move into my new co-op. I had procrastinated so suddenly the moving date was less than a month away!

Diane worked with me only 15 totalhours and we got it done!  It's hard to explain how transformative the experience was. She staged a workspace and system to empower me to review and downsize my things comfortably and effectively in a short period of time.

Even more amazing and unexpected, however, was that I felt nurtured in the process of doing this physically and emotionally strenuous work.

- Paula M, Washington Heights